Why use BillXperts.com?

BillXperts.com is probably one of the easiest ways to save money, and this is why thousands of customers use our services.

You could negotiate directly with your service providers, but:

  • This would probably take you more than one hour to do so, for each of your providers
  • Due to our volume of customers, we have access to savings and to pricing plans that you will not be able to get

Because negotiating with service providers is what we do all day long, we are also using the best practices to handle this in the most efficient way:

  • Our team of Bill Experts tracks price trends and promotions on a daily basis.
    So when we call your providers, we know exactly how much discounts they can give you
  • Besides, our team is specifically trained on how to negotiate with your providers,
    We know the tone that needs to be used and what to say/not to say to get the best prices
  • Finally, over time we have developed a trust relationship with the main nationwide service providers.
    They know we are not going to give up until we get you the discounts you deserve

What types of bills can BillXperts.com cut down?

Our team of Bill Experts is able to negotiate with your service providers for phone, TV and internet bills.

Note that some services are locally regulated which does not allow us to get you lower prices.

How much can BillXperts.com save you?

It really depends.
Sometimes, our team of Bill Experts is able to save several hundreds of dollars per month to our customers.
Sometimes, we can only get $40 or $50 off our customers' bills.
Obviously, the more bills you include in the Sign up form, the more savings we'll be able to negotiate for you.

You may use our Savings Calculator to quickly get an estimate of the savings we could negotiate for you.

How much does it cost?

There is no upfront cost for using our services, and we only get paid if we save you money.
In other words, There is nothing to lose. Only money to save.

Our offer is based on a "win-win" concept.
Both you and us benefit from our cooperation:

  • You get the savings
  • You share with us a part of these savings

The part you share with us is equal to 50% of the savings we got for you, applicable for the first 12 months only (or until the end of your contract(s) with your
provider(s), whatever comes first).
Say we save you $200 on your monthly bills. Each month, you'll only have to give us $100 and you'll enjoy the extra $100.
In case we cannot find you any savings, then there is absolutely no charge to you.

Will BillXperts.com change your providers or change your services?

Absolutely not. Your service will not change, only the price will go down.
Indeed, we'll never downgrade or modify your service to get you a lower price, unless we get your permission.

How will you know what savings BillXperts.com negotiated for you?

Once our team of Bill Experts has negotiated with all of the service providers you included in the sign up form, we'll put together a summary of the savings.
This summary will be sent to you by email.
Also, the savings we negotiated for you will show up on your next bill from your service provider.

What if you discontinue your service?

You only need to share with us the savings you actually received.
Therefore, if you decide to discontinue your contract with one of your service providers, we will only charge you for the savings you obtained until the service discontinuation date.
However, you will need to inform us of this change and provide us with a proof of the service discontinuation, by emailing us at customers-support@billxperts.com.

Why do we need some of your personal information?

Most service providers have security policies, to identify their customers through the phone.
So, to be able to negotiate with your service providers on your behalf, we'll need you to provide some personal information.
By filling in the Sign up form, you'll provide us with what we generally need.
In case we need something else, we'll contact you by email.
Note that by using our services, you accept our Terms and Conditions and you grant BillXperts.com the right to contact, to speak, to act and to negotiate on your behalf with your service providers.

How safe is your personal information?

Our secure website is encrypted by a 128/256-bit SSL certificate.
The URL address "https://" prefix guarantees this site is secure for our customers, which is our number one priority.
Basically, this offers you the same level of protection as what you would get on the main banks' websites.
We do not sell or share your information with any third-party.

How many bills can you ask us to cut down?

There is no limit to the number of bills you can send us.
The Sign up form allows you to upload a copy of your bills and to quickly enter the information we'll need to negotiate on your behalf.
Keep in mind the more bills you send us, the more saving we'll get for you.

When and how will you get billed?

Once our team of Bill Experts has negotiated with your service providers, we'll send you a summary of the savings we got for you.
This summary will be sent out by email, along with your bill.
Each month, you'll get an updated summary that will show the savings and the amount you need to share with us.
Should you prefer, you may also pay the amount in full with your first bill.

How can you pay your BillXperts.com bill?

The bill related to our negotiation services will be emailed to you, along with instructions on how to make your payment.

Payments can be made through Square, solution that we have selected to offer you the easiest and the most secure method of payment.

You will be able to pay the invoice with any major credit or debit card, from the secure payment link.
Payment is due within 14 (fourteen) days of the invoice date.

Note we do not personally stock or even have access to your credit/debit card details.

In what countries does BillXperts.com operate?

BillXperts.com currently operates in the United States of America only.